Most Frequently Asked Questions About Driveways

Q. How long have you been in business in Tucson?
A. 34 years.

Q. Are you a licensed contractor?
A. Absolutely! We are fully bonded and licensed and it’s the law. Our Arizona Registrar of Contractor’s numbers are 072300, 068918, 096792, 096789 and 144700

Q. Do you give free estimates?
A. Of course!

Q. How soon before I can have my driveway installed?
A. Usually in 2-3 weeks.

Q. How soon after installation can I drive on my new driveway?
A. Within 5 days of completion.

Q. How long does the job take?
A. 2 days for the smaller ones, 3 (or more) days for the larger ones.

Q. Do you give a warranty?
A. Yes, against major cracking and/or displacement.

Q. How long does your warranty last?
A. 5 years.

Q. Can you take out the existing driveway?
A. Yes, and we typically remove all debris at no extra charge.

Q. What finishes do you offer for concrete?
A. Salt finish, broom finish, sweat finish, exposed aggregate.

Q. Do you offer colored concrete?
A. Yes, we have a variety of colors.

Q. Can we have brick or stone borders?
A. Yes, they are available.

Q. How thick is the concrete?
A. 4” thick, 6” thick at the perimeters.

Q. What is the PSI (pounds per square inch) of the concrete?
A. 3000 psi

Q. What reinforcement is required?
A. Included is one #3 rebar at the perimeter (wire mesh or #3 rebar 2’ on center is optional).

Q. How many control joints do you typically put in?
A. 10 lin. ft. on center each way.

Q. Should we seal the concrete?
A. You can, but it is not recommended because you have created a maintenance issue.

Q. How do we remove stains from the driveway?
A. There are a variety of stain removers available including: Amway products, Oxyclean, Awesome.

Q. Do you have some jobs we can go look at?
A. Yes, we have completed jobs all over town. We will try to give you some jobs to look at that are close to your home. You can also visit our driveways gallery.

Q. Do you have references available?
A. Of course! We have many references that are available upon request.

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    Your crew did a great job installing the flagstone for our waterfall! You will be my 1st choice for stonework/masonry projects.

    Ken H.

    What are we thankful for this year? For you and your company who did such a great job on our new driveway, and for the two guys that you sent afterwards to clean things up. They did more than we expected, did it well with goodness and gusto.

    Linda & Rick
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